USAGC.ORG green card lottery services, the official green card lottery website application is available at USAGC

Fill your official DV lottery application at USAGC Green Card Site

If you are looking to join the American dream and win the DV lottery - we can help your dream come true!, the official DV lottery website is only available for a short period on October-November. USAGC will fill and accept your DV lottery forms when is not active. Submitting the DV application on www dv lottery state gov forms is free of charge or commission, and USAGC will only charge you for the service of filling, checking and assisting in various languages, uploading the photo and submitting your forms to www-dvlottery-state-gov. Your American Green Card dream can come true! Submit your DV Lottery forms or Green Card Lottery forms at USAGC organization and start living the American dream to win the DV lottery! | |


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